Chemistry Meets Cremation: Aquamation Services in Wilmington, NC

What if you want to say goodbye to someone in the most peaceful way possible? Well, that's exactly what Tranquility Cremation By Aquamation offers. It gives grieving families a dignified farewell while respecting the natural element of water. If you are looking for an Aquamation service to care for your loved one, look no further than Tranquility Cremation By Aquamation. We are serving families in Wilmington and surrounding communities for many years now. Call us now at (910) 769-1615.

Aquamation Service Wilmington, NC

Perhaps you have heard of a “water cremation” before now but if not, prepare to be intrigued. Cremation is a process that separates the hardest tissues of the deceased body (the pure bone minerals) from the soft and fluid tissues of the remains. The skeletal remains are then processed into a granular format that is generally called “ashes” or “cremated remains.” To learn more about aquamation services in Wilmington, NC, let’s explore how this is performed.

Most commonly, this process has been handled through cremation by fire. In that process, the body is placed in a secure and heat-proof chamber. Once inside, the furnaces are ignited, and intensely high heat engulfs the targeted space. Very quickly, everything inside catches fire. Depending on the size of the corpse, the flames are naturally exhausted after about two hours. After a cooling period, the bone pieces are gathered and ground into ashes.

Alternatively, cremation is now available through alkaline hydrolysis. This process utilizes a solution of 95% water mixed with 5% alkali compounds. Potassium hydroxide and sodium are the elements and compounds that are used for this. The deceased is placed in a container and set within a stainless-steel chamber for the procedure. Flowing water brought to an optimized temperature mixed in this solution results in the dissolution of the soft tissues and fluids in the body. The bones left behind are then dried and ground into “ashes.”

Reasons to Seriously Consider Aquamation Services in Wilmington, NC

There are some compelling reasons to consider this form of cremation using the aquamation process. Consider these as you learn more about the available aquamation services in Wilmington, NC.

It Is an Environmentally Sound Alternative to Modern Death Care Practices: There are limits on sustainable land use for burial purposes, particularly in areas with large population bases. Burial of synthetic plastics and other materials that are used in the construction of caskets and grave liners may take many decades to break down fully. More concerning still is the burial of toxic chemicals used for embalming and presentation of the deceased.

Unfortunately, cremation by fire also has some drawbacks when it comes to ecological friendliness too. Fuels used to run furnaces emit greenhouse gasses which contribute to global warming. Carbon emissions are worrying. Some crematories buy green credits to help offset their establishment’s impact, but the fact remains that damage is being done.

The Process May Seem Less Invasive Than Other Options: It is difficult to think of someone you love being burned, even as we understand that they cannot feel what is happening to their body in this state. Aquamation may seem a little gentler and less invasive than some of the other available death care options like cremation by fire or embalming to preserve and sanitize the remains for funerary purposes.

Aquamation is Cost-Effective and Efficient: Cremation is typically much more cost-effective than a traditional full paneled funeral service. In a full funeral with burial, many costs and fees add up. By some estimates, funeral directors can spend as many as 40 hours in the work of preparing and caring for the needs associated with a single funeral. These hours for the director, staff, facility, etc., all add up. Aquamation is completed efficiently, and the price point reflects this.

The Procedure Produces a Beautiful and More Complete Set of Cremated Remains: Unlike the ashen remains that are offered back to the family after flame cremation, the aquamation cremated remains are a brilliant white color. Without the intense burning process, the bones left after alkaline hydrolysis are more complete. This results in a fuller set of cremated remains-- estimated as high as 20% greater volume than cremated remains from persons of similar size.

Aquamation Service FAQs

1. Is aquamation less expensive than cremation?

  • Since funeral homes are businesses, they must charge enough to cover the costs of the equipment they utilize. As a result, you may discover that aquamation is more expensive than cremation. Learn more about aquamation.

2. How does a death of a loved one affect a person?

  • Loss may be excruciatingly painful at times. You may feel a range of challenging and unexpected feelings, such as astonishment or rage, as well as disbelief, remorse, and great grief. It can also interfere with your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think clearly.

3. What are the best ways to deal with grief?

  • Allow yourself some time. Accept your emotions and understand that mourning is a journey.
  • Talk to other people. Spend time with family and friends.
  • Take proper care of yourself.
  • Get back to your interests.
  • Participate in a support group.
  • Learn more about grief.

More FAQs About Aquamation

1. Is the Alkali Mixture Safe for the Environment? Yes, because the concentrations that are used in this mixture are completely used up in the process of the aquamation.

2. What is Done With the Water Solution After the Procedure is Complete? Just like other death care providers, we can legally use the public wastewater systems to dispose of byproducts produced in the care of deceased persons. As this solution is sterile at completion and contains things like amino acids, sugars, nutrients, salts, and soap, this is deemed perfectly safe.

3. Can I Have This Done for My Loved One Out of State? If you are interested in our process and it makes sense to have your deceased brought to our facility, you can contact us for the next steps. All legal channels will be followed in terms of permits and shipping to get the remains into our care. This will be an added cost to your total bill.

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