Innovative Crematory Offers Aquamation Services in Jacksonville, NC

Tranquility Cremation By Aquamation offers a novel and innovative way to honor the deceased, while respecting their needs and desires during their final stage of life's journey. It is simply undertakings natural process by water instead of earth (cremation) or gas (inhalation). We are a full-service crematory that specializes in aquamation services in Jacksonville, NC and have been in this industry for several years. Our experienced staff is ready to provide you with the best quality and dignified service. Call us at (910) 769-1615 today!

Aquamation Service Jacksonville, NC

You’ve probably heard of cremation and likely even know of persons who have been cremated when the time for their final arrangements came. But did you know that cremation can be performed without heat or flames? It’s true! Cremation reduces the deceased remains to the hard skeletal remains, which are then ground down for consistency and returned to the family. Learn more by reading below about this gentle and innovative form of cremation that we call aquamation services in Jacksonville, NC.

Cremation via aquamation instead of flame incineration ought to be explained first thing. In a flame cremation, the body is cleansed and/or dressed if desired. Then the remains are placed in a rigid container that is both lightweight and combustible. A firm cardboard or particleboard box could work here. The contained remains are secured in a retort chamber, and the furnaces are ignited.

Within minutes everything in the chamber is aflame. In most cases, within 120 minutes, the flames are spent, and only bone fragments remain visible. After cooling, all applicable elements in the chamber are collected and processed further for uniformity and texture. Families receive these granules back to be memorialized in whatever way suits them.

On the other hand, the aquamation process achieves a similar result without the intensity of heat and flames. Aquamation is so named because it is mostly water that helps to dissolve the soft tissues of the body. The solution is 95% water and 5% alkali. The body is placed in a container and then set into a stainless-steel chamber. Flowing water, temperature, and alkalinity accelerate the process of decomposition (tissue hydrolysis).

Four Reasons People are Choosing Aquamation Services in Jacksonville, NC

It’s Eco-Friendly: This is a big reason, and there are a lot of ways science is backing up this claim. The burial of synthetic caskets, burial vaults, and toxic chemicals used in the embalming process are important considerations. Limited land use also means that burial grounds are not sustainable in that way forever. Flame cremation may not be much better with carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses that are produced by the process. Aquamation simply accelerates the natural breakdown of the body for a more natural return to the earth.

It’s Affordable: Cremation is often a lower-cost alternative to full funeral services. That is because it requires less time and services from the funeral director and staff. Our aquamation service is priced very competitively and, in some cases, even lower than flame cremation in the surrounding area. In addition, if you wish to have honoring services such as an ash scattering or a memorial service, we can put you in touch with professionals who can help you if you desire it.

It’s Gentle: The thought of your loved one’s body being exposed to flames makes some people uneasy. The aquamation process involves no high heat or undue force. The flow of heated water and the alkali solution quickly bring about what naturally happens as a body decomposes over time. Rather than taking many years, it is completed in a matter of hours.

More Cremated Remains Are Returned to the Family: As much as 20% more of the granularized skeletal remains are returned to the family with aquamation services in Jacksonville, NC, when compared to flame cremation. This may not seem like a big deal, but it may be appreciated if you divide the ashes over multiple locations for final placement.

Aquamation Service FAQs

1. What is human aquamation?

  • Aquamation (also known as biocremation, resomation, flameless cremation, or water cremation) is a method of disposing of human and pet remains that involves the use of lye and heat. The procedure is being offered as an alternative to the usual burial or cremation alternatives.

2. How long should a tribute video be for a funeral?

  • When putting everything together, aim for a video that is 3 -5 minutes long, or the length of one or two songs. This is the ideal amount of time for people to watch and appreciate when it is screened as part of a funeral ceremony. Learn more about honoring life.

3. What should be included in a funeral program?

  • The deceased's full name.
  • Their birth date.
  • The date of death
  • Information about the funeral, such as the date, location, and time; and the titles of songs played or sung at the ceremony.
  • If they are to be buried, the location of their interment.
  • Learn more about designing a funeral.

Other Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Surrounding Aquamation

  • Is the Body Dissolved in Acid? No. This process uses potassium hydroxide and sodium, which are alkalis. Alkalis are chemical opposites of acids.
  • Are the Alkalis Safe for the Environment? Yes. The process uses a solution of 95% water with 5% alkalis in the solution. The alkalis are the catalyst in this hydrolysis process and are used up entirely at this concentration.
  • What Happens to the Water? Like other death care processes such as embalming, the by-products of this process are legally disposed of through our local wastewater treatment facility. The water solution is sterile and contains components like sugars, nutrients, amino acids, salts, and soap.
  • Can You Touch and Handle the Ashes? Yes, they are completely free of disease or pathogens. In truth, all that is left here is the bone mineral, calcium phosphate.
  • Can I Use This Service if I Don’t Live in North Carolina? Not every state offers this innovative form of death care currently. However, if you want this service, it is still possible for us to serve you. Our facility can help to coordinate with your local funeral home or crematory for the shipping process that will be necessary to bring your deceased to our facility. Additional fees will apply.

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For a gentler cremation alternative, consider aquamation services in Jacksonville, NC. The compassionate professionals at Tranquility Cremation By Aquamation hold all applicable licensing and expertise to care for your loved one. Our facility is located at 2209 Delaney Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403. Please call for assistance at (910) 769-1615.